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Social Pub at the website address of https://social-pub.com mentioned further as Company or Site has established these general terms of use to provide free thought, as much responsible free speech as possible, and ensure professional conduct. We are a moderated community and violations of the following rules may result in punitive suspension, and account terminations, and where loss by The Company is incurred punitive damages may be sought.


What We the Company Provide.

We offer a full-service networking and social selling platform that is used at risk. We are member content generated in a world of both great humans and bad players and each piece of content or file you receive from anyone you do not personally know or trust should be vetted with your Anti-Virus program.

Affiliate Marketers use social media to present their offers as we also utilize affiliate marketing. Affiliate links add a tracking mechanism of browser cookies and in some cases, IP Address tracking to ensure the affiliate sending you their offer is credited with your purchase and is paid a commission which is a piece of the final sale price without adding to your costs.

Our Marketplace is a Peer to Peer market with potentially thousands of new offers submitted a day. We as the Company have no mechanism to vet these product offerings but have chosen to give you added protections by requiring product posters to be a Verified Member of the Site.

Verification is not done by ID but instead shows the party is a legal entity with valid payment details that are capable of making financial transactions. Be warned these are still risky transactions and the more diligence you do prior to a purchase the better. For additional terms consult our Privacy and Refund Policy pages.

We attempt to weed out vulgar and adult content as well as that of sensitive or defamatory nature through the use of computers and human moderation. Still, these moderators require user reports of bad content to find and remove egregious items. As such we are not responsible for user-generated content in any manner.


Member General Rules

Members may not solicit any criminal act, activity, or product based on the laws of the United States. This includes prohibited promotion of unlicensed investments and HYIP/PONZI Scams, or unlawful application of the use of products such as Cannabis where illegal or for underage persons.

The promotion of illegal acts and violence are always immediate grounds for account termination.

Our program works in legal cooperation with authorities through subpoenas or warrants. You can be prosecuted in many governments state, national, and international for crimes committed on our pages.

SPAM UFC SPAM or unsolicited electronic commercial communications are prohibited both in the promotion of and in use of our program site. US Companies and individuals who are utilizing affiliate links are required by law to state the commercial nature of the links and a for-profit relationship with the end seller. Disclaimers not in place may be grounds for your links to be removed.

No discrimination against other members for their religious, sexual, or political choices, Gender or Race. We are a community of professionals and are limited to members who are a minimum age of 18. Keep it clean and friendly.

AGE: All members are to be of a minimum age of 18 when signing up to our site and those under age 18 may not join.

This is not a dating app. We do not allow solicitation for sex, dating, human trafficking, or pornography.

All Sellers on the Marketplace must be Verified Account users. You must post a Return Policy in your product listing on all physical goods complete with an address for returns and a contact email. Kiosk Social does not offer a return or cancellation policy as all sellers are independent business owners who have purchased a Verified Seller or Gold Verified Account.

Absolutely no adult products, tobacco, or other age-restricted or controlled substances. All products must be as advertised.

All Fees are charged on a section-by-section basis in the community.

Content provided must be unique to the user or presented in a manner to give full credit to the producer of the content in agreement with its fair use. Examples: Fan Art or Quotes.

No copyrighted content may be disbursed in a manner not licensed by the originator.

Images shared from the web must contain links to the original content. The only exception is for those who hold a license to distribute this media such as members of Royalty Free Graphics communities such as pixabay.com.



Our company is located at:



With a contact email of: merlinregis@gmail.com

All Grievances need to be sent in writing by Email to the above.

We are subject to the LAWS of Canada and the Province of Quebec